Improve Coding Skills

Adaptive, Interactive, Precise On-line Coding Environment



What is CoreLab?

CoLab is an online coding environment which provides the competency-based precise learning. The students can practice writing code online then CoLab will compile and execute the code immediately. You don't have to worry about how to install the IDE.

Our Feature

  • Competency-based Precise Learning: The course goals and courseware content design is competency-based derived from the industry needs. The learner can be accredited within a precise learning process.
  • Improve Efficiency by Adaptive Learning: According to the ability of each person to provide competent learning course, activity content to achieve precise learning and improve learning efficiency.

Step by Step

The course in CoLab is composed of class > chapter > section > unit. The course designer can add various resource components into the unit, such as document, videos, assessment, code-writing... etc. CoLab also provide an authoring interface for teacher to adjust the course content any time. A report and analysis dashboard is also convinent for the teacher to examine the study result.